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Objektivadapter für PL-Mount, zerstört das Auflagemaß um 6mm, macht aus 85mm Objektiv ein Makroobjektiv.

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Notes on mounting the macroman PL:

  • the macroman is slid over the PL mount of the lens as far as it will go, with the four wings of the PL mount each pointing in the direction of the beam path/camera body.
  • make sure that the rings are flush or correctly seated.
  • the two grub screws must each be positioned to the right and left of the clamping ring slot (see photo) and tightened "hand-hot" - even though it should go without saying: avoid hard shocks and/or blows to the mounted lens

practical tips:

  • recommended focal lengths: approx. 35mm - approx. 85mm
  • the shorter the focal length, the greater the shift of the focal plane into the close-up range with the same flange focal length shift
  • the Macroman does not replace a standard macro lens, since only minimal focus pulls are possible and the focal plane can curve, depending on the flange focal length and the back focus shift.

Diameter 65 x 6 mm